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Ridges & Flashings


Double Ridge in prepainted galvanized steel.
Metecno's proposal for the ridge detail of pitched roofs, is a set of 2 identical inter-coupling flashing elements (one for each part of the roof), the downstream edge of which is shapped according to Metecno's roof panels profile. The result is a double hinged ridge element with a total cover length of 3,00m, which allows for a perfect and fast installation:
  • roof panels' allignement, between the 2 parts of the roof, is not required 
  • no bucklings/foldings on the ridge element
  • adjustable to roof slope
  • big cover length (3,00m)


Flashing Elements in prepainted galvanized steel.
Flashing elements consist the finishing touch of a building, and play an important role in the overall building's performance. On one hand, they prevent water ingress and air leakage (in combination with suitable gaskets), contributing in thermal losses reduction. On the other hand, with suitable profiling and color selection, they can improve building's aesthetics.
Flashing elements are tailor-made, according to each building requirements.


Facings & Coating

Prepainted galvanized steel according to EN 10346.

Front side
25 micron polyester. Other coatings (PVDF, super polyester, plastisol, etc.) upon request. For available colors, please contact our sales offices.

Rear side
5μm primer, grey color

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Metecno Bulgaria

Metecno Bulgaria EAD is a company of Metecno Group. In January 2007, production started in Pleven, strategic location half way between Sofia and Bucharest.


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